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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences
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Vol. 8 Issue 1 Part C

2023, Vol. 8 Issue 1, Part C
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
The effect of mastery and guided discovery styles according to a recovery program to development of some physiological and skill variables for futsal players
Dr. Hayder Jaber Mousa
Pages: 145-148  -  Viewed: 428  -  Downloaded: 135
Research-based explanation of the benefits of yoga asanas described in hathapradipika
Akshit Saharan and Ajay Kumar
Pages: 149-153  -  Viewed: 578  -  Downloaded: 329
A study on relationship between flexibility and different sports
Dr. Kuntal Thakur
Pages: 154-160  -  Viewed: 540  -  Downloaded: 344
The effectiveness of a recreational sports program to improve the quality of social life among female students at Al-Qasim Green University in Babylon, Iraq
Hayder Sami Mohammed, Dr. Ali Abdul-Kadhim Odah Hassan Alkhafaji, Layth Rasim Abbas and Dr. Aied Kareem Abdaun
Pages: 161-169  -  Viewed: 520  -  Downloaded: 224
Modeling the causal relationship of intellectual fluency and Sports passion of motivation to learning of handball for students
Salam Mohamed Hamza, Dr. Hussein Hamza Jawad, Dr. Sanaaa Rabeea Abed
Pages: 170-177  -  Viewed: 447  -  Downloaded: 171
The impact of fartlek exercises using Holmer's method to developing the defensive performance endurance of basketball for youth
Dr. Sajjad Hussain Naser
Pages: 178-182  -  Viewed: 514  -  Downloaded: 238
A comparative effect of yogic practices and brisk walking on low density lipoprotein of middle aged men
Dr. Sanjib Kumar Bhowmik and Dr. Bhartendu Sharma
Pages: 183-185  -  Viewed: 359  -  Downloaded: 162
Effects of gymnastic activities on selected psychological parameters of school girls
Dr. Kuntal Thakur
Pages: 186-188  -  Viewed: 317  -  Downloaded: 101
The effect of a corrective curriculum according to a model on some bio-kinematic variables, motor abilities, and the performance of the two jumping skills, opening and closing, on the men's technical gymnastics jump table apparatus: An Experimental research on a sample of students from the third stage of the departments of applied and theoretical sciences of the college of education physical and sports sciences at the University of Misan
Dr. Haider Sabih Najm Al-Tamimi and Dr. Shehab Ahmed Khadum
Pages: 189-204  -  Viewed: 457  -  Downloaded: 147
The effect of agility exercises with aids in developing approximate speed and achievement in the effectiveness of the long jump
Dr. Saadoun Nasser Hafez, Dr. Faiza Abdul-Jabbar Ahmed and Abdul Sajad Saadoun Nasser
Pages: 205-207  -  Viewed: 401  -  Downloaded: 172
The effect of power yoga training programme on cardio-respiratory endurance of obese male
Umesh Yadav, Vikram Singh and Akash Shukla
Pages: 208-211  -  Viewed: 188  -  Downloaded: 91
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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences
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