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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences
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Vol. 8 Issue 2 Part E

2023, Vol. 8 Issue 2, Part E
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Effect of Bhramari and Nadi Shodhana pranayama on lipid profile levels in diabetic women
M Anuradha, Dr. S Natarajan and Dr. CV Jayanthi
Pages: 290-293  -  Viewed: 303  -  Downloaded: 158
Effect of selected yogic practices on lipid profile levels among overweight women in Kozhikode city
Sapna K, Dr. S Natarajan and Dr. CV Jayanthi
Pages: 294-298  -  Viewed: 170  -  Downloaded: 94
The effectiveness of exercises using the accelerated learning method to learning the skills of receiving and preparing volleyball for female students
Zamn Turki Hashem
Pages: 299-302  -  Viewed: 231  -  Downloaded: 92
Strength training with increased neuromuscular activation to developing strength characterized by speed and accuracy of football dribbling skills for advanced students
Dr. Abdulsattar Khudhair Abbas, Dr. Hameed Majeed Hameed and Zuhair Rasheed Abd
Pages: 303-309  -  Viewed: 253  -  Downloaded: 114
The effectiveness of special exercises weightlifting and plyometrics to developing the explosive ability of the legs and some complex offensive skills of basketball for youth aged under 19 years
Dr. Nidal Obed Hamza, Dr. Hussein Mnaty sachit Alwawi and Dr. Khaldoun Mohammed Salama Al Dasit
Pages: 310-314  -  Viewed: 317  -  Downloaded: 188
Strong by zumba exercises and their effect on some physical abilities and the skill of dribbling (High and Low) for the players of the Baghdad education directorate team
Dr. Yosra Hasoon Motashar
Pages: 315-320  -  Viewed: 220  -  Downloaded: 99
Effect of the pentagram (PG) strategy of thinking to developing focus accuracy, psychological energy and achievement for junior archery players
Dr. Afrah Abad Alqader Abbas and Dr. Yas Majeed Dahash
Pages: 321-325  -  Viewed: 260  -  Downloaded: 127
The effect of skillful physical exercises on developing some biomotor abilities and skills (pump fake one dribble and shoot, pick repack and roll) for young basketball players
Dr. Sajjad Hussain Naser and Dr. Wameedh Ali Hassoon Almali
Pages: 326-331  -  Viewed: 240  -  Downloaded: 117
Enhancing administrative performance through transformational leadership at the Iraq volleyball federation
Ahmed Tariq Badri and Hala Fahem Aliwi
Pages: 332-342  -  Viewed: 263  -  Downloaded: 138
Evaluating teaching skills according to the concept of comprehensive quality from the point of view of volleyball teachers in Iraqi universities according to academic qualification and teaching experience
Dr. Alaa Kadhem Armoot
Pages: 343-349  -  Viewed: 193  -  Downloaded: 64
Comparing state anxiety levels among players in team sports and individual sports at V.S.S.D. PG College, Kanpur
Ram Mani Tiwari and Dr. Vipendra Singh Parmar
Pages: 350-353  -  Viewed: 125  -  Downloaded: 80
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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences
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