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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences
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Vol. 9 Issue 1 Part B

2024, Vol. 9 Issue 1, Part B
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Improving athletic abilities: The role of circuit training in student populations
Pramod Ravi and Dr. Divya K
Pages: 75-79  -  Viewed: 142  -  Downloaded: 30
The effect of using Posner’s model (of conceptual change) on academic achievement and the acquisition of freestyle swimming skill performance for students
Dr. Firas Ajeel Yawer
Pages: 80-83  -  Viewed: 108  -  Downloaded: 44
The effect of water exercises on learning to swim breaststroke and acquiring some sensory-motor abilities for disabled youth of the S10-S9 category
Hasanain Jawad Abdullah
Pages: 84-88  -  Viewed: 88  -  Downloaded: 32
Effect of sports specific drills training on selected strength physiological and skill performance variables of handball players
Ooraniyan K and Dr. K Murugavel
Pages: 89-92  -  Viewed: 45  -  Downloaded: 30
The effect of educational exercises accompanied by aids to develop the speed of motor response in the skills of defending the court and blocking the wall in volleyball for students
Dr. Nuha Yousef Hashem Abbass
Pages: 93-99  -  Viewed: 43  -  Downloaded: 15
The effect of explosive exercises and water exercises on different surfaces on some physiological indicators, abilities and physical indicators of 100 m runners under 20 years of age
Dr. Ali Bukheet Hassan, Ali Dawood Abdul Reda and Dr. Mayasa Abd Ali Kadhim
Pages: 100-110  -  Viewed: 34  -  Downloaded: 14
A comparative study on flexibility and explosive strength between resistance-trained individuals and crossfit participants
Keisham Monarita and Khumukcham Shivananda Singh
Pages: 111-114  -  Viewed: 25  -  Downloaded: 15
Preparing vocabulary for the practical program of local training courses for level D for female futsal coaches in Iraq
Mohammed Raheem Abed and Dr. Fouad Muttib Hussain
Pages: 115-121  -  Viewed: 15  -  Downloaded: 5
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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences

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