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2022, Vol. 7 Issue 1, Part A

The effect of using micro-learning to develo some teac competencies for sort and education teachers

AUTHOR(S): Samer Mohamed and Naeem Mohammed
For physical education teachers. The teacher enjoys it. As for the research problem, it can be summarized by asking about the extent of the teacher's psychological and technical readiness to reach the typical teaching competencies. With regard to the research objectives, they are as follows.
Preparing an advanced method for micro-learning for physical education teachers.
Identifying the level of teaching and professional competencies enjoyed by physical education teachers in Maysan Governorate.
Identifying which of the two methods is better, mini-learning or the traditional method by physical education teachers.
As for the research hypothesis, it is
There are statistically significant differences in the results of micro-education and the method used in favor of micro-learning.
There are significant differences between the teaching competencies of the two research groups and in favor of the experimental group.
Research areas
. The human domain: physical education teachers in Maysan Governorate.
. Time range: for the period from 17/3/2019 to 28/4/2019.
. Spatial area: Aden middle hall and square for boys.
As for the second axis, it included theoretical studies and some sources related to micro-learning and what its concept is, as well as teaching competencies and what their concept is. As for the axis of the third chapter, it included the research methodology and its field procedures, including the research sample, which consisted of (16) teachers, where they were divided into two groups, one of them is control and the other is experimental. As for the educational curriculum adopted by the researcher using the micro-teaching method, it consisted of (10) educational units. As for the topic of Chapter Four, the results that appeared for the research were presented and discussed. As for the last axis, which is Chapter Five, it contained recommendations and the researcher's conclusion, which are.
The use of the micro-teaching method gives a full opportunity for teachers and affects their scientific and technical level in a positive way.
The use of micro-learning for learners provides more effort and not wasting time. In addition, it gives more freedom for the learner to express his opinion.
Noting the learners' keenness to take what they need from their teaching competencies through self-evaluation, as well as participating in criticism and discussion and providing feedback to fellow learners.
As for the recommendations, they are included.
Conducting annual follow-up and evaluation by the supervisors and conducting continuous field visits for teachers, not limited to one or two visits.
Conducting studies and research on other samples or teaching other activities to verify the learners’ behavior and the extent of their interaction with such methods.
Urging the establishment of continuous training courses and lessons, and emphasizing the participation of teachers in such service courses for science and sports.
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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences
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Samer Mohamed, Naeem Mohammed. The effect of using micro-learning to develo some teac competencies for sort and education teachers. Int J Yogic Hum Mov Sports Sciences 2022;7(1):04-08.
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