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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences
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2019, Vol. 4 Issue 1, Part M

Effect of dance practices in handball players

AUTHOR(S): Lyoid Christopher K and Dr. SJ Albert Chandrasekar
Dance is a performing art. It is also help in the development of physical fitness components of Handball players. When a player attends dance classes, both of these subjects are addressed. If your regular exercise routine is repetitive and boring, you may want to consider learning how to dance. Dance is a challenging form of exercise that requires coordination, full-body movements, stamina, flexibility and agility for extended periods of time. Solo dances like tap and jazz and partner dances like the waltz and swing require cardiovascular fitness and endurance for athletes and nonathletic alike. Dancing is the most vibrant and beautiful form of art. Besides this, it's a great way of social interaction and provides a fun workout, which increases flexibility and cardiovascular health. Dance is always bliss to watch in terms of costumes, elegant moves and music. Merging aerobic exercise with the fun of dance is a great way to keep fit and achieve health through dance. We all know good cardiovascular exercise is a vital element of any health and fitness strategy. But for most of us “workout boredom” can manifest itself from time to time. With twice weekly trips to the gym to pound the treadmill and work the exercise machines it’s not surprising that the appeal can diminish quickly, and something you really don’t want when you’re attempting to firm up and lose weight is to lose your motivation. So why don’t you incorporate physical exercise with enjoyment and sign up for a dancing class. Dance fitness, also referred to as “beatbased” fitness. Dancing is a great overall exercise. It can be done in the comfort of your home and doesn’t cost any money to do. There are many benefits to starting a dance fitness program. And just remember enjoying yourself is great for you. It helps reduce stress, tension, and boredom due to the release of endorphins, plus dance can help reduce blood pressure. Speak with your doctor before beginning a new exercise or dance program. Your doctor can help you find appropriate dance styles that are suitable for your current physical condition. Through dance the player will get Endurance, Strength, Flexibility and better Blood that a Handball player needs.
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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences
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Lyoid Christopher K, Dr. SJ Albert Chandrasekar. Effect of dance practices in handball players. Int J Yogic Hum Mov Sports Sciences 2019;4(1):681-683.
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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences
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