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2018, Vol. 3 Issue 1, Part T

Benefit of yoga for special child

AUTHOR(S): Sushila and Dr. Balbir Singh
Yoga is a way to become our body and mind healthy. Every person needs basic quality of fitness for doing their daily routine work. Yoga helps a person to feel and understand the body process more accurately thereby learning what body need .for disable child yoga have more importance Yoga practice among people with disabilities has long been associated with a number of physical benefits including lowered blood pressure and reduced heart rate, reduction in inflammatory responses, and reduction of pain. The many positive effects observed among those persons with disabilities or chronic illness who practiced Yoga were thought to be brought about by the stimulation of pressure receptors under the skin (much like massage therapy) which causes an increase in vagal activity and a decrease in cortisol- a primary stress hormone. The mechanisms by which these systems operate have not yet been explored, but positive outcomes in terms of patient reported Quality of Life and reported levels of pain have been documented. Yoga is often a slow and meditative process, so it helps these individuals slow down and increases attention and focus. Yoga is empowering because it meets the individuals at their current level of functioning and moves forward towards meeting achievable goals; the limits of individuals are accepted, and with the help of the instructor, they work through those struggles. The instructors use typical yoga poses such as the downward dog or cobra pose, and each one is adapted for a child’s needs or goals.
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Sushila, Dr. Balbir Singh. Benefit of yoga for special child. Int J Yogic Hum Mov Sports Sciences 2018;3(1):1108-1110.
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