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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences
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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences

2018, Vol. 3 Issue 1, Part P

Effects of doping on health

AUTHOR(S): Tejpal
The use of doping substance and methods is expansive not only among elite athletes, but also among amateur and recreational athletes. Many types of drugs are used by athletes to enhance performance, to reduce anxiety, to increase muscle mass, to reduce weight. However, the violence of doping substances and methods has been related with the amount of numerous health side-effects. The undesirable effects depend on the type of the consumed drug, as well as the quantity and period of intake and the sensitivity of the body, since there is a large inter-individual variability in responses to a drug. Usually the doses used in sports are much higher than those used for therapeutic purposes and the use of several drugs in combination is common, foremost to higher risk of side-effects. Among biomedical side-effects of doping, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, thrombosis, arrythmogenesis, heart failure and sudden cardiac death have been noted following drug abuse. This paper reviews the literature on the negative effects on health after abuse of illegal substances and methods in athletes, aiming to inform physicians, trainers and athletes and to discourage individuals from using drugs during sports. Thus, there are certain drugs that can improve selective aspects of physical performance. However, most of the doping agents exert serious side-effects, especially when used in combination, at high doses and for a long duration. The extent of long-term health consequences is difficult to predict, but likely to be substantial, especially when gene doping is considered. These review summaries the major groups of doping agent used by athletes.
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