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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences
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International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences

2018, Vol. 3 Issue 1, Part B

Art of meditation and yoga

AUTHOR(S): Dr. Sandeep
This study is all about proving Yoga and Meditation as an Art. The art of body science and mind control as well. Most of the people think that art is only related to some traditional aspects or it is related only with some colors and paintings and artist works with full of satisfactory physical capacities and mental peace. In this study 20 arts students and 20 dance and music students were included to test that only playing with colors and music is not sufficient to maintain the fitness of body and calmness of mind. Before and after doing their daily routine work one and half hour is given them to do the yoga and meditation for 30 days (50 Minutes Yoga and 40 Minutes of Meditation). In fact all the previous studies shown that most of the people are not able to give their time for Yoga and Meditation both during the same practice session. Either they do yoga or they give their full time to do meditation. Though in this study and practical tenure this is found that if an artist, musician or a dancer will do Yoga and Meditation both together with their daily routine work, in a systematic way under the observation of an expert instructor, they can find their self more capable of doing things or work with more enthusiasm and peacefully without any mental stress and further studies revealed that effects of doing Yoga and meditation is more powerful in the life of a musician or artist and develop more working capacity and mental ability than indulging in arts, music and dance.
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Dr. Sandeep. Art of meditation and yoga. Int J Yogic Hum Mov Sports Sciences 2018;3(1):90-91.
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